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Pastor Brenda Bos

Pastor Brenda Bos received her Master of Divinity from Claremont School
of Theology and her Certificate of Advanced Theological Studies from
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California. Before
entering the ministry, Pastor Brenda worked in television production for
eighteen years, most notably on “The George Lopez Show”, “Suddenly
Susan” with Brooke Shields, “Mad About You” with Paul Reiser & Helen
Hunt, and “The Golden Girls”.

“My favorite part of working on productions was bringing together a
large group of people to achieve a common goal. I loved being in the
middle of talented, committed people. Working in a congregation brings
me the same delight in supporting people while getting to remind them
weekly of God’s love and grace.”

Pastor Brenda has served congregations in Santa Monica, Canoga Park and
Santa Clarita, CA. She and her wife Janis have an adopted son, Joshua.

Sermons - click on the date to hear the sermon


Easter Sunday 2017 - a story fo the spirit of God blowing through history. Finally God decided to become human, breath and dst, in order to truly love and understand us. As the person of Jesus, God comes to experience life, death and then the greatest miracle of all: Resurrection.



Reformation 2016 - Things could be better...

September 25 - Let's talk about money...and sex... and race

September 18 - The Crafty Steward - What if God wants to use all of your skills for God's glory?

July 17 - The Pearl of Great Price

July 3 - The Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids

June 12 - The Wheat and the Weeds

March 27 - Easter Sunday Sermon - The Good News in three parts (plus a children's message!)

March 20 - Palm Sunday Sermon

March 13 - Unity and Diversity

March 7 - Dividing Walls Coming Down

February 28 - Mercy and Grace: What's the Difference?



July 19 - Those Who Are Far Off and Those Who Are Near - Jesus looks out onto the crowd

and has compassion on them, because He understands what it is to fit in and what it is to

be an outsider. He does the same today.

June 14 - Oh Those Pesky Weeds! - Mark's gospel shows us the kingdom of God is more like a

stubborn weed than a mighty cedar...and grows in places we didn't plant it!

Ascension Sunday - The Right Hand of God - How do we live when we believe the

Right Hand of God is far away? How do we live when we believe the Right Hand of

God is everywhere?

Easter - Resurrection Is (Fill In the Blank) - When nothing is sure, everything is possible!

Palm Sunday - Following the Crowd - The parable of the sower is used to examine

the various attitudes of people welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

April 26 - By What Authority - Are Christians called to use their faith to draw

closer to the world or remove themselves from it?


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