Shay Arnett finds joy in the pages of good book. She also loves helping others find that same joy. After seeing several Little Free Libraries pop up on Facebook, Shay had an idea to have a library at Christ Lutheran Church. “Every community should have a Little Free Library. A place to gather and discuss the fantastic stories they are reading or just swap out an old book for a new one”.

Preschool director Leigh Ann Downie-Economy then put Shay in touch with a Boy Scout looking for an Eagle Scout project, and two libraries were built. The original idea was one library would be on wheels and go out to the beach every Sunday. Instead, Shay decided the second library should be installed lower for pre- schoolers and other neighborhood kids to be able to peruse the books.

Shay is very involved in several local school Book Fairs and used those connections to get several boxes of Scholastic Books donated to the library. “The kids’ library constantly needs re-filling, book donations would be most welcome,” Shay says. “The adult library is now being refilled by readers who swap out their books for others that are in the library. I have not added any books to the adult library in weeks. This makes my heart so happy!”

Thank you, Shay, for bringing this wonderful gift of literacy to our neighborhood.