Epiphany 2021  

Dear People of Region 2 of our Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,

There are times when events in our nation and world are shocking – we search for words to try to make sense of what we are seeing on television. Today’s events at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. are no different, and have left us with a sense of foreboding, concern, disbelief, anger, sadness… “Are we really seeing this?” “Is it possible such a thing is happening in this country, at the very seat of our democracy?”    

As bishops serving in Region 2, we stand united in calling upon elected leaders of all political parties to call for an end to this violence. We decry any leaders who would incite an assault on the democratic processes of our great nation, and call upon them to publicly renounce their calls for people to storm the Capitol. Their actions have put our elected leaders and members of law enforcement in danger. We pray for an end to this violence and for the safety of those who are in danger.    

We urge the people of our congregations and ministries and all people of faith and good will to pray for peace and a quick restoration to order, as well as a peaceful transition of power in the coming two weeks.

We pray –
+    for an end to the rancor of the deep political divisions that have plagued this country in recent times,
+    for those who feel their voices are not being heard to find more productive and peaceful ways to register their concerns,  
+    for the willingness for our leaders to work with those with whom they may differ to advocate for the needs of all the people they have been called to serve,
+    for the Peace and Reconciliation of Christ to reign in our hearts. Amen  


Bp. Murray Finck, Southwest California Synod

Bp. Andy Taylor, Pacifica Synod

Bp. Deborah Hutterer, Grand Canyon Synod

Bp. Jim Gonia, Rocky Mountain Synod

Bp. Mark W. Holmerud, Sierra Pacific Synod