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One Person Can Make a Difference

by Christ Lutheran Church

Shay Arnett finds joy in the pages of good book. She also loves helping others find that same joy. After seeing several Little Free Libraries pop up on Facebook, Shay had an idea to have a library at Christ Lutheran Church. “Every community should have a Little Free Library. A place to gather and discuss […]

Council Corner – October 2017

by Shay Arnett

Welcome to Council Corner! September was tough month. Hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes. As I sat down to write this month, all I keep thinking is… armageddon. Things seem so bad, and now Las Vegas. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost and suffered so much. It seems trite to write about […]

Pastor’s Message – October 2017

by Pastor Brenda Bos

My first draft of this article was all about the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Then the shooting in Las Vegas happened, and looking at our past didn’t seem nearly as important as facing our present day troubles. The only reformation of the church that matters is one that keeps the church relevant to each […]