It’s one thing to have a service outside. But it’s another to constantly try new things in worship. Sometimes every member of the congregation fills the baptismal font before a baptism.

Sometimes we play with our doggos or bubbles. 










Sometimes we sing spontaneously.


 We always have a time of silent prayer. We always share communion with all who are present. (Non-alcoholic wine and gluten free host is always offered). Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible. Noisy children and their parents welcome.  Join us in joyful, unique worship experiences! 











Cyndi Jones is an ELCA candidate for ministry, meaning she has all the training to become a pastor, but is simply waiting for a congregation to call her to serve. While awaiting call, she found a way to preach on the beach in a power beach wheelchair. Cyndi is a gifted preacher and writer, and was recently asked to write an op-ed piece for the New York Times. Please read this excellent article!

We were pleased to have Cyndi show us the strength of those who face accessibility issues and bring the gospel in vibrant ways!