The SCMFO baby shower for 40 military moms-to-be is happening on Saturday, Jan. 25.  Many of you attended and/or gave gifts for Mary’s Feast in December and SCMFO will be using all of the gifts for the shower.  We had such an outpouring of baby clothes, diapers, wipes and toys at Mary’s Feast that we’re all set for the layettes each mother will receive—wrapped in quilts from the Surfside Quilters Guild and others and including afghans for every baby—and are now just looking for some larger items (carseats, strollers, etc.) for each mother-to-be.  We have a budget for those, but everything donated helps our SCMFO funds go further.  Please contact Judy Franz at or 310-866-0378 (cell) if you have something to contribute or if you’d like to volunteer at the shower or help with layette-making on the morning of Jan. 23.  Blessings for supporting our military families.