Our Homeless Ministry prepared and delivered  a warm spaghetti dinner with green salad, fruit, cookies, bread, and water to 15 of our unsheltered in San Clemente.   All were grateful for the homemade meal after a couple wet nights.  

Almost half of them went to our friends at Friendship Shelter in Vista Del Mar apartments. Their numbers are growing.  One new resident loves Sudoku and painting with acrylics.  We were able to bring him some supplies for both. 

We are still working on how we might also help with laundry. In the past we have given cash totaling $200 to the staff to pay for residents wash in their two machines.  We have recently offered to pay for laundry at their nearby laundromat much like we do at laundry love. We would prefer this option as a way to get to know the residents better.  It is still a work in progress but we will keep you informed. 

Much appreciation for all who help make this monthly meal possible.  Our March Easter ham dinner will be on Wednesday 31st at 5:00 pm.