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All Saints Day – Jesus Cries With Us

    All saints celebration at the beach. Posted by Christ Lutheran Church/Beach Church on Sunday, November 4, 2018 The story of Jesus’ raising Lazarus reminds us that Jesus cries with us. In our despair, there is a little hope, in our darkness, there is a little light. Sermon begins around 9:30

    You Lack One Thing

      October 14th Service at North Beach where we celebrated Baptism and the story of a man who lacked one thing.

      “Add” something instead of “Giving Up” this Lenten Season

        This year, as a Lenten practice, “add” something new, rather than giving up something. And as you do these things, take a moment to thank God for giving you this opportunity, and ask God what God wants you to learn from it. God bless your Lenten journey! Compliment a stranger Adopt a pet Drink more […]

        Christmas Eve – “A Young Girl”

          Discover the bravery and unbending faith of Mary in her calling to be the Mother of God on earth.   Sermon by, Pastor Brenda Bos Christmas 2017  


          It turns out the only way to forgive people is to first accept God’s forgiveness for ourselves.

          Jesus Cannot Just Be Our Savior

          When Jesus tells Peter “Get behind me Satan,” He is not simply rebuking him. Jesus calls Peter, and us, to follow Him rather than simply worship Him.

          A Wider Welcome

          Peter’s vision lets him know God wants the gospel to be brought to Gentiles. Today God continues to bring gospel to more and more people. This sermon includes the story of the first gay pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.