In-person services are at 8 a.m. at North Beach San Clemente.  A recording of the 10:30 sanctuary service will be available on our homepage.

Please read the information below if you are hoping to join us for in-person worship.

In order to follow local, state, and federal safety Guidelines, worship services on campus will need to look very different. We will be together, but it will not be worship as we remember it for some period of time. As you read this, please keep in mind we will have a group of CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH AMBASSADORS that are being trained to help guide you from your arrival, to your seating, to your exit. Everything that follows is for your safety and health and the safety and health of others.


      • Face coverings are required
      • Practice at least 6 ft. of physical distancing as you arrive, during the service, and as you leave.
      • As you arrive, stop at the reception table for a temperature check and to drop-off/fill-out COVID-19 questionnaire and release of liability
      • PLEASE print the bulletin at home or view on your phone if possible. (additional copies will be available)
      • Please bring a lawn chair and follow the ushers’ guidance for placing the chairs (those in the same household may be seated together).
      • You will need to bring your own blanket or chairs to worship. Pop up tents and EZ ups will not be allowed. If you bring a beach umbrella, you will be asked to sit in the back or along the sides of the lawn. If you are using a small umbrella, please be mindful of the people behind you making sure it does not block their view.
      • Please wear sunscreen, a hat, and take other precautions against sunburn.

        *Please fill out this COVID-19 CLC Health Questions and CLC Hold Harmless Agrmnt and bring with you to service, if you do not have access to a printer we will have copies available for you sign at the reception table upon arrival to service. Please also read this MEMO on what to do should you come down with COVID-19.